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Where are you located?  Where do the sessions take place?

Day One Fitness is not a gym-based operation at this time. Each time we interact, we will be meeting at a specific location agreed upon before our time together begins. To ensure progress and safety, all training sessions must take place at the following locations:

• Public Park and Recreation Areas. (Beaches and Marinas included)

• Public Common Areas (Sidewalks, Bike Trails, Hike trails, etc.).

• Common Exterior Parameter of Single Family Homes (Front Yard, Back Yard, Drive way, etc.)


At the present time, the following areas are NOT an option for training and/or consulting:

• Interior of all and any residence (i.e. your living room, kitchen, etc.)

• Common Areas and Exterior Parameter of Multi-family units (i.e. apartment buildings, duplexes, tri-plexes, etc.)


Please note:  All sessions located beyond a 25-mile radius of El Cerrito, CA will receive an additional $5.00 charge for travel expenses.


What makes T-K.A.S.H. any different or better than any other personal fitness trainer?

- My answer is clear: I help train who you are, not just what you are. Most trainers focus on fitness, and forget that our job is to make fitness personal, so that the client (i.e. you) is the center of the experience. I train you not only in the physical realm, but I also train you in the mental realm, where personal outlook is key. I externalize the confidence to help you change, and you internalize that power, producing non-stop success with each session.


What if I have to reschedule a session? Am I refunded my payment?

- You are able to schedule your initial session with 30 days after you purchase your package. If your initial session needs to be rescheduled, your payment will not be processed until that session has been completed. After that, you're allowed a one-week (7 days) reschedule period for the specific session agreed upon by you and I. These sessions, however, must be already paid in full before the session has occurred. All other sessions after your initial session are 100% non-refundable.


What if I have a specific medical condition?

- You will not be allowed to train with Day One Fitness unless you have had medical clearance from an attested medical facility, relative to your specific medical condition.


Can I bring my family, friends or pet(s) along with me on our sessions?

- By contract, I am training only the one who is paying for the service. If you need to have guests with you during our sessions, a liability form must be signed BEFORE our sessions begin.


What if I don't reach my fitness goal?

- There is no such thing as personal trainers who can 100% guarantee that they will make you achieve your fitness goal. What I guarantee is that on your road to your goal, you WILL experience a HUGE portion of your goal in the form of incremental progress, over time. There is a GREAT chance that you WILL meet your goal, but to tell you that I will 100% guarantee that your goal will be reached is 100% dishonest, and I will never do this to you.


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