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               PERSONAL TRAINING


Have you ever paid too much money for personal fitness training? Was the workout session too intense and/or aggressive? Did the workout session take too much time?


Day One Fitness is designed to maximize and advance your personal fitness training experience. On Day One you will know exactly what you need as it applies to what you would like to achieve, with the help of your personal fitness trainer.  Cardiovascular, Muscular and Neurological conditioning combined with proper implementation of personalized workout programs are what make Day One Fitness worth the time and money. The following four areas are the main focus of your experience:


Personalized Fitness Training  • Personalized Fitness Consultation  • Health and Wellness Mediation

• Accountability and Progress Management


Why Choose Day One Fitness?  That question brings you to me. I'm Tomie "T-K.A.S.H." Lenear, NCCA/NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, with a focus on first-time fitness clients and endurance conditioning. For the first 28 years of my life, I struggled with being over-weight, which made me consequentially unhealthy, unhappy and uninspired. I always wanted to do something about it, but all I ever seemed to achieve was disappointment after being duped by weight loss gimmicks, over-aggressive fitness trainers and vain gym settings. Not to mention the HUGE amounts of money I lost in the process.


One day, about 8 years ago now, I decided to try again at losing weight and being more aware of my food choices, but in a different way. I made a solid choice to stop all negative opinions about my goals, workouts and progress.  In addition, I made it a point to simplify all of the scientific terms and concepts I had encountered regarding getting physically fit.  I then took the proper action and gave my workout program the most essential element: Time to actually produce a result.


Since 2008, I have lost and KEPT OFF over 80lbs, lowered my body mass index, and regulated the risk of ailments that come with simply being human. I have completed 7 endurance fitness events, as well as found an inner harmony that only comes with the balance of external and internal life. I am healthy, and I am happy.


I don't want you to try to become me.  I want to help you become the best version of you. Respectful rates combined with an honest, mature and supportive setting will ensure that you will get the best personal fitness training experience relative to what you want, and to who you are.


The following links highlight my road to success. I'd love the chance to help you along your path as well:

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